Andry Rasoahaingo

Andry Rasoahaingo

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Channel 2
2023.9.16 SAT 16:00-17:00

This presentation will be a general talk, where i will explain how i started to use Blender to try to produce the style of old hand drawn illustrations and animations, but using modern techniques. Not a technical tutorial but some guidelines and inspirations for other animators. I will make a breakdown of a few animations that i’ve done for personal projects and for commission works.


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2D/3D animator

Andry Rasoahaingo氏

Dédouze is a French self-taught illustrator and animator. His art includes many mediums—from acrylic painting to 3D modeling and animation focusing on making retro-style art with modern tools. He is known for using Blender and its Grease Pencil feature that mixes 2D and 3D animation. Besides making paintings and short animations, he likes telling stories inspired by his own life to make fun of sad or annoying situations he witnesses or lives. He has worked on animated titles for French TV series, and on short animations for Adultswim, Google, Adobe, Crocs, and other brands. His retro futuristic art style is inspired by a mix of Japanese anime from the 80s with old French science- fiction comics, and is mostly filled with colorful and vivid palettes. situs bandar togel bakautoto login/ situs togel bakautoto/ slot gacor situs toto slot toto slot situs toto slot situs togel situs togel situs toto toto slot Situs toto slot bo togel